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BoVegas Casino Statistics

  • 53 Average - Casino Fairness
    (124 people voted)
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  • 60 Fair - Withdrawal Credibility
    (109 people voted)
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  • 63 Fair - Promotions and Bonuses
    (115 people voted)
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  • 67 Good - Games Variety and Graphics
    (113 people voted)
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  • 70 Good - Support Professionality
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BoVegas Casino Details Updated on - 2018-03-19

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BoVegas Casino Bonuses!

Welcome Package
    • Amount
    • Min Dep
    • Wagering
    • Games
    • Availability
    • Code
    • $30
    • FREE
    • 40xB
    • Slots,Video Poker & Specialty games
    • Exclusive Upon sign up
    • Get Codes ▼
    • 500%
    • $25
    • 40x(D+B)
    • Slots,Video Poker & Specialty games
    • Exclusive 1st Deposit
    • TBFCL1ST500
    • 250%
    • $25
    • 30x(D+B)
    • Slots
    • 1st Deposit
    • BOVEGAS250
    • 300%
    • $25
    • 30x(D+B)
    • Slots
    • 2nd Deposit
    • BOVEGAS300
Match Bonuses
    • Amount
    • Min Dep
    • Wagering
    • Games
    • Availability
    • Code
    • 220% + 50 FS
    • $150
    • 30x(D+B)
    • Slots (FS - Purrfect Pets)
    • Monthly
    • DREAMY
    • 140% + 20 FS
    • $50
    • 30x(D+B)
    • Slots (FS - Purrfect Pets)
    • Monthly
    • DREAMY
    • 110% + 15 FS
    • $25
    • 30x(D+B)
    • Slots (FS - Purrfect Pets)
    • Monthly
    • DREAMY
    • 120%
    • $150
    • 35x(D+B)
    • Cards
    • Monthly
    • LAVISH
    • 100%
    • $75
    • 35x(D+B)
    • Cards
    • Monthly
    • LAVISH
    • 80%
    • $25
    • 35x(D+B)
    • Cards
    • Monthly
    • LAVISH

BoVegas Casino Sample Games

BoVegas Casino Banking

  • Deposit Methods: Bitcoin Wallets EcoPayz EcoCard MasterCard Neteller Paysafe Card Skrill Moneybookers Visa Wire Transfer
  • Minimum Deposit: $25 - Tip: Check BoVegas Casino terms and conditions before depositing real money.
  • Withdrawal Methods: Bitcoin Wallets MasterCard Neteller Skrill Moneybookers Visa Wire Transfer
  • Withdrawal Limits: $2000 per week
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $150
  • Withdrawal Timeframes: Ewallets - 7-10 business days
    Wire Transfer - 9-13 business days
    Credit cards - 11-15 business days

BoVegas Casino Support

Additional Information

46 Player Reviews
    • Ken moulton Did not rate 03:59:04 PM - 2017-03-11

      I just beat their play through fair and square and as soon as it turned over it went from like 1200ish to 60.00.I thought the max withdrawal was either 150.00 or 100.00 they tried to tell me that it was only 60.00 and that it wasn't meant for withdrawal andnif I wanted the 60 I would have to deposit an additional 90.00 and play of the 90 before I could have the 60 I won.What's up with that
    • Braddz Did not rate 07:11:51 PM - 2017-03-14

      Gr8, love the casino. It's awesome game play 

    • ONLY247 Did not rate 11:42:07 PM - 2017-03-16

      THis place seems like a race that isn't followed up with tournaments I see too often, it seems like a place to let go of some money for a competitive purpose yet at the same time it is mindful in appearance and seems to hold well for people who try out their games with a deposit in expectation

    • samdog21 Did not rate 06:01:14 PM - 2017-03-17

      this is a re run of slots inferno 99slots and so on another rouge casino

    • samdog21 Did not rate 06:02:34 PM - 2017-03-17

      what ever you do do not deposit

    • ismail1006 11:29:34 PM - 2017-03-17

      Hello Only247. I do not agree with you. I if I have continued to this casino and to this brand. The bond of welcome without I deposit this one very well. Have you proved it? I advise you it to prove and to enjoy you all the games with royal money. Luck and spend it well that is the most important thing.

    • samdog21 Did not rate 07:06:08 AM - 2017-03-18

      well my friend you will find out tried to withdraw on these types of casinos that are all linked you should check out how many of this platform are linked they tell you 45 days before you get payed and never see money. good luck

    • Hopalis 07:11:37 PM - 2017-03-19

      I enjoy Real Time Gaming slots so generally I like RTG casinos. I haven't made a deposit yet or requested a payout but i can say that their no deposit bonus is great fun I am getting a good 4 odd hours of play of the 30$ bonus! So sign up and try for yourself ! Enjoy and good luck on the slots! 

    • robluck 06:03:03 AM - 2017-03-25

      wonderful casino to play at 

    • Jacqueline Paz Did not rate 09:59:37 PM - 2017-03-27

      If you read the terms
    • Hopalis 03:00:12 AM - 2017-03-28

      Just do not deposit and everything will be fine !

    • samdog21 Did not rate 07:21:48 AM - 2017-03-28

      You got that right deposit by by money lol

    • wedd1308 11:39:56 AM - 2017-03-28

      I mistress of this casino it does not have very good reputation. Cousin again with others who are not correct. I play the free bonus but I would not make deposits at home. So no withdrawals for me. Chat nice and that of RTG;
    • Kakanpupu Did not rate 02:48:50 PM - 2017-04-02

      Just heard about this casino and am concerned with all the terms and conditions posts above. Have dealt with too many casinos with Payout issues this casino feels like it may be one of them. Will try them out but will not deposit
    • Hopalis 05:46:32 PM - 2017-04-02

      @Kakanpupu that's  probably a good idea depositing here may be a bad idea!

    • Hopalis 05:48:43 PM - 2017-04-02

      although I personally have not deposited here but I don't think its a great idea!

      best of luck!

    • GSP 09:00:23 AM - 2017-04-12

      Casino trash ... give a free bonus and then you have to deposit and play your deposit to be able to withdraw your money ... a real joke ... maximum withdrawal with free bonus: 100 and minimum casino withdrawal: 150 summing up you have to win with the free bonus deposit 50 dollars to play them 1x and pray to stay above 150 to be able to withdraw the money you won. A JOKE

    • samdog21 Did not rate 09:20:10 PM - 2017-04-12

      Just to add this used to be casino lion tap on it on the chip list goes to to bo Vegas what s cam casinos out there beware my freinds

    • Kakanpupu Did not rate 04:44:41 AM - 2017-04-19

      So no one has withdrawn from here yet?
    • samdog21 Did not rate 05:27:16 AM - 2017-04-19

      Nope like I said another rouge group of casino scammers they will give u everyfreebie the chip list has who does that if  legit

    • Javin1342 Did not rate 04:18:06 AM - 2017-05-03

      Not too sure about making a cash deposit
    • samdog21 Did not rate 10:22:55 AM - 2017-05-03

      They have to black list the scammers the chip nos this I don't no why the do not remove all the scam casinos from this web site so people do not get ripped of anymore

    • Stacy Did not rate 08:55:25 PM - 2017-05-06

      Did people deposit their money yet please write a review.
    • SARAHD Did not rate 09:09:16 PM - 2017-05-06


    • samdog21 Did not rate 08:21:01 AM - 2017-05-07

      No body in there right mind would deposit there the chip list has to black list them please everyone stay away from bodvegas casino bad scam

    • Bctime14 Did not rate 10:59:41 PM - 2017-05-18

      This site is one of the best I've ever played. The staff is very friendly and deposits are a cinch. I wouldn't either recommend this to anyone who's looking for nice bonus, good eggs, and some fun games. Especially the Leprechaun on where to get a lucky spot it's a wonderful thing. Good luck.
    • leonila 03:52:44 PM - 2017-06-03

      like the free bonus.. i played a lot of games.. the live support are friendly.. thanks for the bonus.. :)

    • mehgan76 06:08:16 PM - 2017-07-15

      I have been playing here for awhile and they seem pretty good. I have not made a withdrawal but they are very free with their free bonuses. I receive emails about once a week from them with no deposit bonuses added to my account. Their support is very friendly and helpful. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to make a withdrawal soon!

    • harakat Did not rate 11:51:47 AM - 2017-07-23

      I don't like this casino ! I win 100 euros but it needed to deposit 50 euros to play 50 euros once and if I won then to withdraw minimum 150 euros ! Its not worth it to deposit 50 euros and risk them to get 150 euros ! I don't recommend this casino I will play to other casinos which has better conditions for bonuses ! 

    • samdog21 Did not rate 02:09:46 PM - 2017-07-23

      nobody listinin its a scam casino if you deposit money in there give it to me instead lol

    • Krystalization Did not rate 01:54:56 PM - 2017-08-28

      Not the best casinos I don't like rtg software 

    • zed777ntr Did not rate 06:36:33 PM - 2017-09-16

      I do not trust this casino. They did not give me a deposit bonus, although they advertise it on the website. I will not deposit it in this casino.
    • frisky Did not rate 08:17:52 PM - 2017-10-04

      casino is the best casino and good bonuses

    • samdog21 Did not rate 09:11:02 PM - 2017-10-19

      does any body listen do not deposit here they are all linked to blacklisted casinos never get paid period

    • thepokercasinopro 02:40:40 AM - 2017-10-28

      A lot pf bonusses even for Smoll stava deposit beginner players.

      i se lot of incremento in % more Double deposit bonus 

      i personali think it the most affordable casinò for this.

      usual games however does not mean worse casino.

      its an OK casino as i usually think about tese casino

    • thepokercasinopro 08:03:36 AM - 2017-10-28

      I really like bovagas :... ( slots , poker classic , blackjack and roulette all in one promotion ) And it happens usually ! Yes je adore this. It's fantastic to get deal with it with no cost or deposit . I had really great moments with this casino and I will play again soon

    • dmoney805 Did not rate 08:25:32 AM - 2017-10-30

      Seems someone removed my post? Its ok cause the truth hurts. Shady a**

    • samdog21 Did not rate 10:14:33 AM - 2017-10-30

      scam again I tell u people doooo not deposit here

    • vanhellhill Did not rate 05:14:34 AM - 2017-11-02

      I really like bovagas :... ( slots , poker classic , blackjack and roulette all in one promotion ) And it happens usually ! Yes je adore this. It's fantastic to get deal with it with no cost or deposit . I had really great moments with this casino and I will play again soon

    • Lainey372 09:57:22 AM - 2017-12-04

      Great games. And bonuses definitely recommend this casino

    • Willstrick9 Did not rate 12:59:14 AM - 2018-01-04

      i likethiscasino it payswell sometimes.,ill go back

    • Guacamex 02:27:00 PM - 2018-01-06

      PLZ MY friend I really like bovagas :... ( slots , poker classic , blackjack and roulette all in one promotion ) And it happens usually ! Yes je adore this. It's fantastic to get deal with it with no cost or deposit . I had really great moments with this casino and I will play again soon want 30$ no deposit ty 

    • danielletbe Did not rate 01:24:22 PM - 2018-01-23

      brilliant casino n the code actually works

    • essteban84 Did not rate 12:18:12 AM - 2018-02-01

      Casino from big family but whqt i like its big free bonuses,low for me  you can reedem bonus only 1time.I think its dosent meter  because wagering its alweys not possible to doo.SEBASTIAN....POLAND FROM HOLAND

    • Mcclainlance Did not rate 10:45:44 AM - 2018-02-13

      I've played this game before it was good and I would tell my friends
    • eduardo Did not rate 09:19:38 PM - 2018-03-07

      1. me parece bueno​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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