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Bitcoin Wallets Casinos - Helpful Guide for Gamblers Using Bitcoin Wallets

Bitcoin LogoBitcoin is, perhaps, the most popular cryptocurrency. It started all the way back in 2009, when the Bitcoin network was established through the mining of the genesis block (the first block of the chain). The cryptocurrency is electronic and independent from any bank, being transferred directly from user to user. When it comes to online gambling, it is a payment method to be taken into consideration, as it allows players to perform transactions without sharing their personal information.
For a more in-depth description of Bitcoin, check out the video below: 

Our Bitcoin Casinos list counts 371 websites, out of which 137 welcome players from United States. They can be sorted and filtered using the provided tools, so you’ll always get accurate results when searching for the next Bitcoin gambling site. 
Each site has its own review page, where you can read not only general information about it but real player feedback as well, to see whether the casino treats its players properly or not. You’ll also be able to see the deposit and withdrawal methods and check if Bitcoin is listed as one of them or both.

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TheBigFreeChipList Guide to Bitcoin Casinos


It Can Be Transferred Directly From Individual to Individual
As Bitcoin does not depend on any central bank, it does not require an intermediary to perform transactions. It can simply be transferred between Bitcoin owners and used to purchase from online retails. As a result, the whole process is quicker and you have more control over it.

There Are No Chargebacks or Fees    
Receiving Bitcoin does not involve any fees. When it comes to spending them, many wallets allow you to choose the size of the fee you’d be willing to pay while spending. Furthermore, fees are not related to the amount you’re transferring, making it possible to pay the same amount for the transfer of one or 1,000 Bitcoins.

It’s Secure
Bitcoin wallets aim to be as secure as possible, but the amount of safety they provide varies depending on the wallet type: for example, there are wallets that work independently from third parties, which will be more reliable than the ones that have to rely on external servers. There are also hardware wallets which stock your credentials without requiring a computer at all, thus removing the possibility of being hacked.

It Facilitates Worldwide Payments
Given the independent nature of Bitcoin, it can be owned by people from all over the world. This means that it can also be traded everywhere.

It’s Private
Bitcoin funds are not connected to real-world entities, but to Bitcoin addresses. This means that, while not entirely anonymous, the transactions will not carry the owner’s personal information. However, keep in mind that all transactions are public and can be linked  - although not easily - to their owners.


To pick the best Bitcoin casino, use the sorting tool and organize the list by Top Rated. You will be able to see the online casinos ranked by real players such as yourself, as well as read their feedback and find out for yourself how casinos treat their customers. This way, you won’t have to venture into the unknown and risk your hard-earned money.

If you want to check the casinos with the highest player ratings, check out our Best Online Casinos page.
Bitcoins can be obtained in two ways: one of them is by buying them, a quick and easy solution. The other one is via mining, an operation which generates Bitcoins by performing and solving complex mathematical equations. The second option is more time and resources consuming as it requires a powerful computing system, mining is usually done by dedicated companies.

•    Online Wallets are easy to use and readily available. They rely on third parties to host them so it might not be the most appealing option for some users, but online website security has come a long way lately, so there is less to worry about these days.

•    Mobile Wallets have a slight advantage over other options, as they can be used in physical stores. They are also pretty easy to handle: all you need is to download them from the store and you’re good to go. 

•    Software Wallets are downloadable applications for your desktop/laptop. They can only be accessed from the installation device so they provide extra security compared to the previously mentioned option.

•    Hardware Wallets have their strength in the fact that they’re generally storing the users’ private information offline, which keep them safe from remote hacking. You might pay a bit more for such a device, but you can be sure that your Bitcoins are safe and only you can access your funds.

•    Paper Wallets are your safest option so far. They are, basically, physical pieces of paper or other material which hold both your public and private keys, in the form of QR codes. Should you desire to perform transactions, you only need to scan these codes. 
Yes. As Bitcoins are an independent form of cryptocurrency, you’ll meet none of the usual issues if you want to use it for gambling purposes. That being said, Bitcoin gambling is allowed at any online casino which accepts US players.
There are numerous methods of exchanging Bitcoin for cash, such as wire transfer and PayPal. Turning Bitcoin into fiat money (currency with a certain value which has been established as money by the relevant authorities) requires a broker exchange. You’ll have to deposit your Bitcoins into the exchange and request a withdrawal in the currency of your choice. This is commonly done via bank/wire transfer.

Keep in mind that it might take a few days for the money to reach your bank account and be careful when choosing a broker!