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The Dutch Are Joining the Online Gambling Trend

The Dutch are known all over the globe for their passion of gambling, gaming and sports betting, but not when it comes to online gambling. However, they are now catching up with the famous trend, by finally joining the online world of gambling.

The online gambling market in the Netherlands

Online gambling in the Netherlands has technically been possible for years, thanks to the wide range of international gaming sites online. However, the government didn’t allow the activity of online gambling until 2019, when the Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) began accepting and processing registrations for an online gaming license. 

The law will materialize on July, 1, 2020, which means online gambling in the Netherlands is guaranteed to take over the internet as of approximately January 1, 2021.

As previously mentioned, international gaming sites have long been available to Dutch players. Therefore, the government has finally gotten into the largely fruitful online gambling industry. According to European Casino Association, the global online gambling market in the Netherlands for 2017 reached almost €600M. 

Online Gambling Worldwide

According to reports, the average Australian adult spends over $1,200 per year on gambling, which is more than any other nation. However, Singapore comes close to Australia when it comes to spending money on online gambling. Other nations, such as Canada, Italy, and Ireland, averaged about $600 per year on gambling, gaming, or sports betting.

Then there’s mobile gambling, which is also quite popular. The latest reports (2020) show that 70% of online gambling transactions are generated from a smartphone, indicating that people are gambling on their mobile phones.

There’s no doubt that online gambling is the future of gambling. And after all, Dutch gamblers will be able to legally benefit from the new trend sweeping the globe!

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