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NetEnt reveals new look for the lobby to boost player engagement

Leading iGaming developer NetEnt has further enhanced its live casino offering, with a player-orientated lobby and mini-lobby that enables seamless navigation between games, which in turn boosts the developer’s player engagement rates.


What players can expect from the new upgrade


The player-oriented lobbies were designed to be user friendly and to show the latest information on the tables, including winning numbers, available seats, bet limits and number of players. The dynamic table titles seen in the lobby offer live images of the game presenter and background, enhancing the overall gambling experience. Players are also given a more intuitive table ordering, which cross promotes various games.

This upgrade was also intended to provide players with more opportunities to play and to allow operators to choose from generic branding options available to all partners or to create a fully customized environment.

NetEnt New Look Lobby Boost Player Engagement

Andres Rengifo, Director of NetEnt Live, commented on the matter: 

As the core of the live casino, the lobby is a vital element to get right. It makes a huge difference – from the first visit to the long-term – to the levels of a player’s engagement as well as their experience and brand perception. We believe we’ve created the perfect lobby environment to help set up the ultimate live casino player journey.
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