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$5 Real Money at PayPal Buy Now

$5 Real Money at PayPal

  • Price: 6400
  • Min level: 2
  • Available: 0 - Sold out
  • Sold: 191
  • Description
    $5 Real Money at PayPal

    Convert your BFC Coins into actual cash! will send money to your PayPal account.

    This item is a special addition for our new amazing BFC Playground, where you can play with your BFC Coins and earn big!

    All you need is to have a PayPal account and enough BFC Coins and you are good to go! :)

    In case you do not have a PayPal account you can open a PayPal account here

    No risk! Just earn BFC Coins by being active on the site.. Play, enjoy our fantastic BFC Games and earn some cash!

    All requests will be reviewed by Quality Control Team to make sure no abuse was involved in getting the BFC Coins.

    Best of luck!! :)
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    • TheLaterix Level 3 Norway Nov 06

      This is so awesome!!

      But hey!

      How often do these offers come out (For example the cheapest one for lev.2 - PayPal) I see they get sold out quickly Reply Helpful

    • Edster007 Level 3 South Africa Oct 03

      I absolutely love "thebigfreechiplist". Paypal is a great reward form! Keep it up

      Reply Helpful
    • bassman Level 1 Croatia Sep 29

      Great bonus hope i win some day

      Reply Helpful
    • Grammy Level 1 Canada Nov 07, 2018

      Value makes this the best reward  out there! Definitely give it a go... fast withdrawals available any casino  Reply Helpful
    • mrsjjmath Level 2 United States Jun 16, 2018

      This is a great way to spend BFC coins.  Unfortunately pay pal money is usually sold out.  Hopefully it will be available soon.

      Reply Helpful
    • StonedRob Level 3 United States Jun 11, 2018

      It's telling me I have two more days to go as well hope this ain't some bull last guy said same thing and never re-commented after i hope in two days I'm back with good news Reply Helpful
    • halibaker Level 5 Australia May 30, 2018

      it says i need 5 logins in 7 days, then if i try buy it it says i have only signed in 10 out of 12 days needed to buy it. :( 

      Reply Helpful
    • Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa Apr 07, 2018

      I am coming for you paypal bonus! Reply Helpful
    • Rambofish20 Level 7 United States Jan 19, 2018

      My favorite casino is vegascrest..Where can I comment a feedback information with 250 characters pls? Reply Helpful
    • Georgette76 Level 7 United States Jul 12, 2017

      I just purchased this item yesterday! Thanks TBFCL!

      Reply Helpful
    • leonila Level 7 Philippines Jun 27, 2017

      now i got my $5 PAYPAL real money.. thanks TBFCL. 

      Reply Helpful
    • Armando01 Level 13 Peru Jun 13, 2017

      It is iuseful only for PayPal account holders, but too small.

      Reply Helpful
    • Ineednewsmile Level 8 Estonia May 30, 2017

      same amount of money for less chips from skrill. i prefer skrill. Nice bonus anyway.

      Reply Helpful
    • Bryanbassyona Level 10 Mexico Apr 12, 2017

      I cant buy it ¬¬ Says i have to place a long feedback. i wrote like 6, i count the characters and were maybe 700-. whats wrong?

      Reply Helpful
    • rodnun Level 11 Portugal Apr 11, 2017


      i am new here, but by the comments i read, this is something great!

      Reply Helpful
    • trinh316 Level 7 Canada Feb 23, 2017

      thank you for the offer on here. Sounds like a great motivation for users to stay active on here.

      Reply Helpful
    • Comm4nd3r Level 13 Germany Jan 25, 2017

      this 5 euro looks very nice i will take it if i have enough points :D

      Reply Helpful
    • Ladyluck88 Level 2 United States Jan 23, 2017

      Thank you BFC great Games and bonus to

      Reply Helpful
    • techno91 Level 4 Germany Dec 28, 2016

      nice bonus ! :) hope to get lvl 2 quick

      Reply Helpful
    • klara77xx Level 8 Sweden Nov 20, 2016

      Thak you for this shop item! Great start! Spin and win more to bye more. Good luck!

      Reply Helpful
    • shafy1980 Level 3 Egypt Nov 05, 2016

      Still available.. :)

      Reply Helpful
    • sgopal Level 4 Mauritius Oct 04, 2016


      Reply Helpful
    • thomasz0804 Level 4 Greece Aug 18, 2016

      Thank you!!! Money on account in three days!!! Very simple and fast!!!

      Reply Helpful
    • meLoksTHRee Level 2 Russia Aug 16, 2016

      "There must be at least 500 BFC Coins worth of winnings at the BFC Playground in order to purchase this item??"?

      I must have won at least 500 coins on the court and it is from 1740 that I'll pay for this bonus is 500, or just ever winning there I had to what would get $ 5

      Reply Helpful
    • ahedden1234321 Level 5 United States May 28, 2016

      has anyone ever successfully redeemed this 

      Reply Helpful
    • franparkour98 Level 6 Spain Mar 23, 2016

      Waiting to take that card, but i need more points...

      I have to play more on Playground

      Reply Helpful
    • aca293 Level 21 Portugal Jan 13, 2016

      Gonna try one of this. Have to see if works!

      Reply Helpful
    • LadyEnygma Level 8 United States Jan 11, 2016

      Darn! Missed it! :(

      Reply Helpful
    • Patarat200 Level 8 United States Jan 05, 2016

      Always sold

      Reply Helpful
    • IrishSassy Level 3 United States Dec 24, 2015

      this one is ALWAYS sold out *sigh*

      Reply Helpful
    • lambino32 Level 8 South Africa Dec 21, 2015

      I've only just starting using PayPal recently this shop item would be a very cool way of funding it for the 1st time :)

      Reply Helpful
    • barebones Level 11 Latvia Nov 30, 2015

      this is an amazing addition to already great bfc shop :))

      Reply Helpful
    • Pissoar23 Level 0 Czech Republic Nov 26, 2015



      Reply Helpful
    • ismail1006 Level 13 Spain Nov 05, 2015

      Good page! :)

      Reply Helpful
    • stewex555 Level 10 Slovakia Oct 20, 2015

      every 10 days for those who are active every day for TBFCL!

      Reply Helpful
    • Zedmond10 Level 8 Australia Sep 13, 2015

      I can't play any of the games in the playground cos I play on iPad and this device is not supported,so unfair

      Reply Helpful
    • noagmo75 Level 2 Thailand Aug 22, 2015

      i want this bonus
      i hope i get it before its not available

      Reply Helpful
    • miroxx Level 0 Croatia Aug 15, 2015

      very nice

      Reply Helpful
    • minxy33 Level 2 United States Aug 14, 2015

      I want this bonus!!

      Reply Helpful
    • sanny66 Level 7 United States Aug 08, 2015


      Reply Helpful
    • dhack Level 3 United States Jul 30, 2015

      when will there be more!?

      Reply Helpful
    • jhusch Level 5 United States Jul 15, 2015

      i was too late

      Reply Helpful

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