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€7 Real Money at Skrill Buy Now

€7 Real Money at Skrill

  • Price: 4300
  • Min level: 3
  • Available: 0 - Sold out
  • Sold: 521
  • Description
    €7 Real Money at Skrill

    Convert your BFC Coins into real money! will send money to your Skrill account.

    This item is a special addition for our new amazing BFC Playground, where you can play with your BFC Coins and earn big!

    All you need is to have a Skrill account and enough BFC Coins and you are good to go! :)

    In case you do not have a Skrill account you can open a Skrill account here

    Just earn BFC Coins by being active on the site.. Play, enjoy our excellent BFC Games and earn some cash!

    All purchases will be reviewed by Quality Control Team to make sure no abuse was taken place in getting the BFC Coins.

    Good luck!! :)
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    • Feefs4 Level 8 South Africa Apr 13

      Wow this one seems really affordable  Reply Helpful
    • blmt Level 7 R Mar 21

      And when €7 Real Money at Skrill will be available again at the shop?

      Reply Helpful
    • gil19081981 Level 3 Malaysia Mar 13

      Great bonus deals.. Awesome..  Reply Helpful
    • slater1990 Level 8 Azerbaijan Mar 06

      price of real free money from skrill is low but need try for it.

      Reply Helpful
    • slk230mac Level 3 Australia Feb 09

      seven dollars is always welcome in my account

      Reply Helpful
    • Olympuska22 Level 4 ÄŒesko Dec 18

      Kdy bude tato nabídka k dispozici? Mám velký zájem.

      Reply Helpful
    • Dannilove Level 3 Dec 12

      Love it all of them. Deal money Reply Helpful
    • Grammy Level 1 Canada Nov 07

      Best reward available! Save up for this! Reply Helpful
    • neechaa Level 4 Brunei Oct 25

      Added to wishlist! Can't buy it yet Reply Helpful

    • Morras4 Level 8 South Africa Oct 22

      I really hope there is still one left for me if i make the bfc coins in time

      Reply Helpful
    • bryanwee81 Level 1 Feb 18, 2018

      Very Good i want buy it. Reply Helpful
    • ChampioN0809 Level 12 Brazil Oct 11, 2017

      I never took that money because I can not? ADM

      Reply Helpful
    • thiscardnot4 Level 6 Canada Aug 23, 2017

      wow what I great bonus to redeem, I can't wait until I get the opportunity to unlock it and use it on my favorite casino games ☺

      Reply Helpful
    • Inkognitod187 Level 6 Germany Aug 06, 2017

      Sauber bitte immer mehr solche Angebote... ;D BIG BIG THX at BFCL

      Reply Helpful
    • Ineednewsmile Level 7 Estonia May 30, 2017

      what a great offer. will do my best to have it!!

      Reply Helpful
    • Begum Level 3 Bangladesh May 29, 2017

      I am very happy to see this offer Reply Helpful
    • wedd1308 Level 5 France May 29, 2017

      i want this !!!

      Reply Helpful
    • madluk82 Level 4 Poland May 13, 2017

      i tried to buy this one but my experience level is2.Wich level i need to buy????

      Reply Helpful
    • Hopalis Level 7 South Africa Mar 21, 2017

      cool item i have purchased it twice now very nice to get real cash for your coins!

      Reply Helpful
    • varshan4 Level 0 Sri Lanka Mar 17, 2017

      very nice i love itt...this is real money.. i winn bfc coins Reply Helpful
    • panba75 Level 9 Greece Jan 26, 2017

      thanks for free money

      Reply Helpful
    • ridha Level 0 Tunisia Jan 21, 2017

      so hard and i dont know any think

      Reply Helpful
    • Armando01 Level 13 Peru Jan 17, 2017

      It is a good item to get €7 to my Skrill account,

      But I must have to wait 30 days if I want to purchase this item again.

      It's very useful.

      Reply Helpful
    • Talyeni Level 1 United States Jan 16, 2017

      this a good adition to BFC shooing

      Reply Helpful
    • Rippedoff Level 7 Australia Jan 16, 2017

      I should just save my coins and buy this instead of trying to get $30 skrill

      Reply Helpful
    • wael Level 0 United States Dec 10, 2016

      i want it soon as possible i hope

      Reply Helpful
    • klara77xx Level 8 Sweden Nov 20, 2016

      hej! I do like this shop item! Skril is not my favourite, but its sounds great! 

      Reply Helpful
    • ROKA85 Level 5 Egypt Nov 17, 2016

      i play black jack to get it

      Reply Helpful
    • franparkour98 Level 6 Spain Nov 09, 2016

      Nice, i got this prize one more time¡¡

      Reply Helpful
    • Adriaan55 Level 6 South Africa Oct 12, 2016

      Nice bonus this, hopefully this works 

      Reply Helpful
    • theplug009 Level 4 United States Oct 06, 2016

      how long you can get this?

      Reply Helpful
    • jacksite Level 6 Malaysia Oct 03, 2016

      any chance that it will be restock?

      Reply Helpful
    • fonz9 Level 4 Australia Sep 12, 2016

      Still waiting on confirmation that this worked :/

      Reply Helpful
    • bagira Level 7 Belarus Sep 12, 2016

      excellent purchase,Thank you, TBFCL

      Reply Helpful
    • MykolaII Level 7 Ukraine Aug 28, 2016

      Super, super. Good luck.

      Reply Helpful
    • chimera02 Level 7 Norway Aug 27, 2016

      very nice offers in general, havent seen pure cashrewards like this on similar sites. good work

      Reply Helpful
    • Nicu13 Level 1 Moldova Aug 23, 2016

      Not a bad offer.Just need to accumulate more coins .

      Reply Helpful
    • harti36 Level 3 Germany Jul 25, 2016

      Nice bonus, but I'm waiting now longer then 5 days and I still have not the money on my Skrill Account! Why are you write "can take up to 72 hours, usually on weekends", when it takes very longer?

      Reply Helpful
    • meLoksTHRee Level 2 Russia Jul 12, 2016

      –  You need to wager your first deposit bonus 30 times the deposit Bonus.

      –  By making €50 deposit or higher and claiming the Welcome bonus you will be entitled to 100 Free spins on Starburst that will be credited the following day after your deposit, latest at 12:00 CET.

      –  The maximum bet per spin when playing with Welcome bonus is €5 / SEK 50 / NOK 50 per bet (or equivalent in any other currency) until the wagering requirements of the bonus have been met.

      –  Current offer is only valid for residents from following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland. Players from other countries can claim exclusive bonuses in Live chat.

      –  General Bonus Terms & Conditions apply.

      Reply Helpful
    • Snorre87 Level 2 Germany Jun 24, 2016

      gefällt mir sehr gut man muss halt nur punkte sammeln

      Reply Helpful
    • irfetaelvis Level 3 Bosnia and Herzegovina Jun 18, 2016

      I am happy.

      this is wery nice

      Reply Helpful
    • loevens Level 7 Denmark Jun 16, 2016

      Nice bonus, can't wait to try it.

      Reply Helpful
    • 88Jimi88 Level 3 Australia Jun 14, 2016

      Nice bonus shame Im still 500 pts away from level 3

      Reply Helpful
    • Comm4nd3r Level 13 Germany Jun 08, 2016

      rly nice and it works pretty good 7 dollar nice bonus thanks to you tbfcl

      Reply Helpful
    • Geggocore Level 5 Germany May 30, 2016

      very good:) and quickly on the account

      Reply Helpful
    • lhivepix Level 6 Apr 21, 2016

      Great offer!

      Reply Helpful
    • Maximillion Level 3 Germany Apr 16, 2016

      thats great!!!

      Reply Helpful
    • kumachan1712 Level 8 Japan Mar 13, 2016

      Thanks. I got the fund.

      Reply Helpful
    • kyyla70 Level 8 Netherlands Feb 28, 2016

      so great!

      Reply Helpful
    • arafet Level 0 Tunisia Feb 28, 2016

      love it,hope to get it

      Reply Helpful
    • maqa1996 Level 1 Feb 27, 2016

      Just bought one of this!

      Hope brings me good luck!

      Reply Helpful
    • Zennon Level 5 Australia Feb 17, 2016

      7 is better than a a kick to the teeth but 30 would be amazing, something to actually have kit Kat with while taking a break and having a slap :D

      Reply Helpful
    • Vanilipas Level 10 Lithuania Feb 14, 2016

      I have a question. If i purchased this month 5 eur skrill, can i purchase 7eur? or i need to waite 30 days?

      Reply Helpful
    • axalgazrda Level 0 Georgia Feb 13, 2016

      As I read the T&Cs, I feel that this JenningsBet is mainly for Sports Betting. They give Welcome bonuses for the three deposits up to 100 Euro. 1st 100% with wagering requirement of (Deposit Bonus) x 30, 2nd 50% with 28 x (Deposit Bonus), 3rd 25% with 26 x (Deposit Bonus). Actually, this descending number of wagering requirement is very reasonable, it would be the best if the numbers were like 10~15. 

      Reply Helpful
    • avanturin Level 7 Slovakia Feb 06, 2016

      let 's play for real money

      Reply Helpful
    • Zedmond10 Level 8 Australia Feb 04, 2016

      This 30 days between being able to get again is just to long

      Reply Helpful
    • sam93 Level 3 Malaysia Feb 03, 2016

      love this

      Reply Helpful
    • lambino32 Level 8 South Africa Feb 03, 2016

      Brilliant shop item to set your sites on especially for South Africans these days with a deteriorating Rand 

      Reply Helpful
    • Shayc Level 0 Australia Jan 30, 2016

      Great game Reply Helpful
    • aca293 Level 20 Portugal Jan 13, 2016

      Gonna buy one of this. If it works this is really great!

      Reply Helpful
    • klammer Level 3 Germany Jan 06, 2016

      Of the finest, capable!!

      Reply Helpful
    • Patarat200 Level 8 United States Jan 05, 2016

      Sounds great

      Reply Helpful
    • bassman22pu Level 4 Croatia Dec 24, 2015

      i like this offer

      Reply Helpful
    • IrishSassy Level 3 United States Dec 24, 2015

      is 7 euros the equivalent to $7 us dollars?

      Reply Helpful
    • krimpson Level 3 Netherlands Dec 10, 2015

      love it,, great offer

      Reply Helpful
    • nelsnik Level 11 Netherlands Dec 10, 2015

      Great work guys, it's not the most big amount but the price is lower which makes it bit easier to purchase!

      Reply Helpful
    • barebones Level 11 Latvia Dec 08, 2015

      Amazing addition to the already amazing shop :))

      Reply Helpful
    • talisca Level 6 Portugal Dec 08, 2015

      Good Bonus :) 5 stars these bonus :)

      Reply Helpful

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