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€5 Real Money at Skrill Buy Now

€5 Real Money at Skrill

  • Price: 14000
  • Min level: 5
  • Available: 0 - Sold out
  • Sold: 180
  • Description
    €5 Real Money at Skrill

    Convert your BFC Coins into real money! will send money to your Skrill account.

    This item is a special addition for our new amazing BFC Playground, where you can play with your BFC Coins and earn big!

    All you need is to have a Skrill account and enough BFC Coins and you are good to go! :)

    In case you do not have a Skrill account you can open a Skrill account here

    Just earn BFC Coins by being active on the site.. Play, enjoy our excellent BFC Games and earn some cash!

    All requests will be reviewed by Quality Control Team to make sure no abuse was involved in getting the BFC Coins.

    Good luck!! :)
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    • Ineednewsmile Level 8 Estonia Jun 08

      in some reason prices are so much bigger now. i dont undestand why is that so

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    • nurik92 Level 5 Azerbaijan May 13

      how to buy it ,and to use

      Reply Helpful
    • Davson35 Level 5 United Kingdom Apr 23

      I think real chip is small and coins is more.for buy it.

      Reply Helpful
    • Zdon Level 0 Canada Apr 25, 2018

      Très agréable ;))))) j'aime beaucoup Reply Helpful
    • Nadapasa55 Level 1 Argentina Apr 25, 2018

      getting sold out its unbelievable. must really be a awesome reward to redeem. Reply Helpful
    • aca293 Level 21 Portugal Dec 19, 2017

      On the 28th November, was the first time, ever, i bought this coupon.

      Use to buy the PayPal option!

      Thank you, TBFCL!

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    • thiscardnot4 Level 6 Canada Aug 23, 2017

      every time I see this bonus it's so quick on getting sold out its unbelievable. must really be a awesome reward to redeem.

      Reply Helpful
    • mitozgd Level 4 Croatia Aug 20, 2017

      Are you serious? I can actually trade BFC Coins for real money? Niiicee.. thank you. 

      Reply Helpful
    • kelzbelz230388 Level 2 Australia Jul 30, 2017

      i hope its not sold out by the time i save 4000 lol

      Reply Helpful
    • khairilrizwan Level 5 Malaysia Jul 28, 2017

      700BFC to claim this ^^

      Reply Helpful
    • Georgette76 Level 7 United States Jul 19, 2017

      I really wish I could Skrill but I dont think they allow people from the US join.

      Reply Helpful
    • silverquick Level 14 South Africa Jul 06, 2017

      This is a nice one if you have skrill. Reply Helpful
    • Adriaan55 Level 6 South Africa Jul 06, 2017

      Made the purchase but it takes for ever to be loaded unfortunately.  

      Reply Helpful
    • Ineednewsmile Level 8 Estonia Jul 01, 2017

      bought this 5 euro offer few days ago. 

      Reply Helpful
    • Begum Level 3 Bangladesh Jun 25, 2017

      High amount of bfc coin to buy this.

      Reply Helpful
    • sumon555 Level 3 Bangladesh Jun 19, 2017

      New item . So good i like this

      Reply Helpful
    • safwene2 Level 3 Tunisia Apr 11, 2017

      yeah this is how we talk ! Keep going Reply Helpful
    • lilpupule Level 6 United States Apr 03, 2017

      I'm really not sure about the way this runs but I will figure it out  where theres a will there will be a way ..... I hope

      Reply Helpful
    • Armando01 Level 13 Peru Jan 17, 2017

      This item sometimes not appears on the shop, but it it gives the smallest money to my Skrill account. Although it is useful.

      Reply Helpful
    • Madziarax5 Level 5 Sweden Jan 01, 2017

      nie moge kupic  kasy na skrilla. dlaczego?

      Reply Helpful
    • Rippedoff Level 7 Australia Dec 31, 2016

      At least I can play the games now so I can earn the coins I need

      Reply Helpful
    • klara77xx Level 8 Sweden Dec 30, 2016

      very good shop item!Must take it . Thanks

      Reply Helpful
    • aymenpronet Level 13 Tunisia Dec 06, 2016

      Nice item. take it now.

      Reply Helpful
    • jacksite Level 6 Malaysia Nov 16, 2016

      Hopefully my redeem approved! Thank you Admin :)

      Reply Helpful
    • shafy1980 Level 3 Egypt Nov 11, 2016

      i want buy it i have more than 4000 BFC Coins ut i cant buy it why ?

      some one help me plez

      Reply Helpful
    • Zedmond10 Level 8 Australia Sep 28, 2016

      It really isnt fair that i cant play any of these on my ipad as it doesnt support flash player,wish they would add games i can play

      Reply Helpful
    • Jernej1982 Level 12 Slovenia Sep 23, 2016

      Nice. Thus purchase for real money is really nice! Reply Helpful
    • b3nw1n5 Level 0 United Kingdom May 12, 2016

      i want this one, for sure...

      Reply Helpful
    • franparkour98 Level 6 Spain May 05, 2016

      It is cheapest to get 7€ but you can take both of them each month to get more money, that would be cool¡¡

      Reply Helpful
    • leodeveo Level 4 Netherlands Apr 11, 2016

      How many mony is1063,3bfc coins

      Reply Helpful
    • jaimempv Level 7 Portugal Apr 09, 2016

      thks for the money.. your the best :D

      Reply Helpful
    • Vanilipas Level 10 Lithuania Feb 09, 2016

      I purchased for it:) i love these prizes it's really make you involved in t6hat community

      Reply Helpful
    • bassman22pu Level 4 Croatia Dec 24, 2015

      very nice shop item

      Reply Helpful
    • talisca Level 6 Portugal Dec 03, 2015

      I've got my eye on these ones ::  Best TBFCL

      Reply Helpful
    • lambino32 Level 8 South Africa Dec 03, 2015

      this is an awesome shop item, bravo TBFCL!!

      Reply Helpful
    • petar Level 5 Serbia Oct 25, 2015

      i love money !

      Reply Helpful
    • LadyExifa Level 4 Australia Oct 23, 2015

      i am struggling to understand what is considered having 500 coins  of winnings included in the coins used to purchase this. I have had enough coins for it, and have played and won more than 500 before leaving to try buying again but i just keep getting the same message each time.. PLEASE help me to understand what im missing... lol

      Reply Helpful
    • jocko Level 5 United States Sep 30, 2015

      I was saving to buy but started playing slots in the playground and lost 3000 coins. Reply Helpful
    • alissondamiao Level 2 Brazil Sep 18, 2015

      como funciona? como faço para conseguir esse feed back de cassino?

      Reply Helpful
    • jhusch Level 5 United States Jul 27, 2015

      i dont have skrill is it available in us

      Reply Helpful
    • badass469 Level 5 South Africa Jul 27, 2015

      I've got my eye on these ones :) hehehe

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