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  • 59 Fair - Casino Fairness
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  • 61 Fair - Withdrawal Credibility
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  • 62 Fair - Promotions and Bonuses
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  • 69 Good - Games Variety and Graphics
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  • 65 Good - Support Professionality
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Welcome Package
    • Amount
    • Min Dep
    • Wagering
    • Games
    • Availability
    • Code
    • $22
    • FREE
    • 100xB
    • Slots
    • Exclusive Upon sign up
    • Get Codes ▼
    • 200%
    • $20
    • 35x(D+B)
    • Slots, Keno & Scratch Cards
    • 1st Deposit
    • 100%
    • $20
    • 35x(D+B)
    • Slots, Keno & Scratch Cards
    • 2nd Deposit
    • 100%
    • $20
    • 35x(D+B)
    • Slots, Keno & Scratch Cards
    • 3rd Deposit
    • 100%
    • $20
    • 35x(D+B)
    • Slots, Keno & Scratch Cards
    • 4th Deposit
    • 100%
    • $20
    • 35x(D+B)
    • Slots, Keno & Scratch Cards
    • 5th Deposit
    • 100%
    • $20
    • 35x(D+B)
    • Slots, Keno & Scratch Cards
    • 6th Deposit
    • 100%
    • $20
    • 35x(D+B)
    • Slots, Keno & Scratch Cards
    • 7th Deposit
    • 100%
    • $20
    • 35x(D+B)
    • Slots, Keno & Scratch Cards
    • 8th Deposit
    • 100%
    • $20
    • 35x(D+B)
    • Slots, Keno & Scratch Cards
    • 9th Deposit
Match Bonuses
    • Amount
    • Min Dep
    • Wagering
    • Games
    • Availability
    • Code
    • 100%
    • $20
    • 25x(D+B)
    • Slots
    • 7 times per week
    • Changing Weekly Casino Sample Games Casino Banking

  • Deposit Methods: American Express Bitcoin Wallets MasterCard Visa
  • Minimum Deposit: $/CA$20 - Tip: Check Casino terms and conditions before depositing real money.
  • Withdrawal Methods: Bitcoin Wallets Cheque MasterCard Visa Wire Transfer
  • Withdrawal Limits: $/CA$2500 per week For New Players
    $/CA$9500 per week For VIP Players
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $/CA$20
  • Withdrawal Timeframes: Ewallets - Up to 24 hours
    Bitcoin Wallet - Up to 24 hours
    Wire Transfer - 2-3 business days
    Credit cards - 4-5 business days
    Cheques - 15-18 business days Casino Support

Additional Information

140 Player Reviews
    • Djm333 09:52:41 PM - 2014-09-02

      Best mobile app for gamong and good payouts

    • jkirkland359 Did not rate 09:08:03 AM - 2014-11-20

      this casino was the first one i found. tried it out but was skeptical at first. i wasnt sure what to expect from an online casino. but i enjoy playing slot machines so i figured i would give it a shot. in one word IMPRESSIVE! the games are great, the mobile and software versions are fantastic and depositing was a snap. no review for withdraw yet. bonuses are ok, but there are much better ones out there. all in all i would say this is a pretty good casino.

    • Gloriabe 08:54:36 PM - 2014-12-29

      This is a very nice looking casino, I used the $22, but did not have a win/cash out on this. I do like the RTG games, but am not a fan of the 3D games, this is one of the reasons I have not deposited here yet, I think if I had had a win off the $22 no deposit bonus, I may have made a deposit, however I still may deposit one day, but not for now, I have heard others like it here though. 

    • nelsnik 05:59:37 PM - 2015-01-11

      oke nice website, not my favourite games the offer, but i like to try no deposit bonuses as lot of people hehe, sometimes RTG is really good you can win a lot on there games! i also never saw the combination of RTG with betsoft haha! but there support is professional and are known for there kindness! and they know what they are doing!

    • 73kdub 10:37:22 AM - 2015-02-21

      I like the huge selection of slots that they offer, and the minimum deposit is only $20 which is nice.  they are pretty tight when it comes to giving out bonuses and there comp points take for ever to add up.  They're customer service isn't the greatest and they don't go out of there way to help find an answer if you have a question.  I can't say really say anything bad about them but they aren't my first choice for shure.

    • sbhelgirl 11:40:19 AM - 2015-02-25

      OK, now this casino has paid me over $12,000- in 2014!!!   I was allowed to withdraw $2000 per week, so I got 6 checks over a montha and a half time period.  I landed the random jackpot on Cleopatra after bumping my bet up from one dollar to 2 dollars.  The slot was hitting good and it just went better for me.  The only problem that I have with the casino is the method of withdrawal. I received checks from foreign countries and I do not have a bank account.  I had such a hard time cashing them, since no banks would accept the checks.  I finally had to ask a friend to go through her account and cash them through her bank and I paid her a ten percent commission for doing so.

    • angelbabie31 08:25:05 AM - 2015-03-26

      well this casino has it all for sure. It would be cool to get more bonuses and promotion from them but other than that i love thge huge selection of games and the fact that the min, to deposit is 20 because most of the time thats all i can really afford to throw away. i have had a little luck but not enough to witrhdrawl but thats all its about because i mainly play slots luck is the name ofr the game

    • Banks 03:35:42 PM - 2015-03-29

      This casino has really beautiful lobby and wonderful game selection. I've played there a few times but I really miss that they don't have live chat.  I think it;s absolutely essential thing. I haven't made any withdrawals there, but so far seem decent casino.

    • pretty215 Did not rate 12:27:09 AM - 2015-04-21

      i love playing at this casino a whole lot. never have a problem when trying to make deposits. They always have great match deposit codes. They even send through email free play bonus codes. Very friendly talking with the live customer service people if you ever have to. I would recommend this casino to any person trying to find a good legit casino to play at.

    • rvic23 Did not rate 03:13:55 AM - 2015-05-05

      This casino has some of the best games with fair payouts.  I love the software , the games are not boring.  They have good bonuses and great customer service.

    • spoiledwitch36 02:21:49 PM - 2015-05-07

      I totally enjoy playing at They have lots of fun slots. The withdrawl process was easy and i got my payout fairly quick. 

    • jessmanxiii 07:54:46 AM - 2015-05-10

      Excellent casino. My favorite.
    • deshawn235 08:54:28 PM - 2015-05-12

      Great casino..... Betsoft casinos are my favorite game software... The game quality and graphics are very good... They give the new player no deposit bonuses without any hesitation... I haven't won any money on there site so I'm not sure how good they are at processing withdrawal request, besidea that, I love the casino

    • yureireika Did not rate 09:54:27 AM - 2015-06-12

      disappointed...even signing up is not country is under the jurisdiction.....never heard of it

    • gvesely41 10:37:44 PM - 2015-06-21

      i was not happy with this casino to the point i  had them shut my casino account. They were unfriendly, not helpfull, and were not trying to listen to me at all. i got a code emailed to me from thebigfreechip site went to there site and created an account like i was suppose to do and then after all that they tell me the code has expired and there was nothing they could or wanted (last part is my assumption) to do to work out this situation. But...they could offer me a very nice bonus if i were to deposit money. Well i had a bad experience once where i deposited money at this casino before checking the games out..well lets just say i will never deposit money again before i am able to check out the games. Even if the money isnt real and i cant cash it out thats fine by me. I have no problem depositing money but i refuse to do so untill i know whether i will like the games or not. That is why i like to play first then deposit. I know they probably get alot of people who are just looking for the free chips but thats not the case with me as i tried explaining to them that they didnt have to give me a cashable bonus i just wanted to try games first before i made a deposit. So let me ask everyone is that wrong to want to check games out first before depositing?? like i said it didnt have to be a cashable bonus so i don't feel that is wrong but who knows maybe my thinking is wrong??  So this is why i have a problem with this casino and in my mind if you gonna squabble over a 10 dollar bonus what will you do when im trying to withdrawl a big win or something. In my mind this situation just showed me how they would possibly handle a situation with real money and so for that reason i wouldnt want to deposit there anyway.

    • Mikeyb23 11:01:12 AM - 2015-07-01

      Great casino one of my favorites. I love how its so easy to deposit and sign up keep up the good work. Also they have a great variety of games that have pretty good payouts I have nothing but good things to say about this casino Anyone should definitely check it out
    • pamelajay 10:39:32 PM - 2015-07-16

      This is one of my favorite online casinos. I love the fact that I have such a wide variety of games to choose from and I am not limited to only one brand of software. Their support team are always available to provide professional courteous assistance and actually know what they're doing. I would recommend to all my friends but especially to anyone that is new to online gambling. Perfect for a stress-free introduction to online gambling.  

    • billyfitz 09:29:39 PM - 2015-07-18

      i was happy with everything about it except the loss of my money

    • jastrowinkle 07:49:11 AM - 2015-07-21

      slots of vegas is an old casino but still a goody I admire the owners updating games to keep in step with the newer casinos. I won my first big jackpot of $32,000 dollars at slots on the keno machine I wished the bfc playground had a keno game because i'm sure I could win a lot of jackpots on keno. my sister plays at this casino everyday and she wins some and loses some

    • jastrowinkle 04:18:07 PM - 2015-07-22

      slots of vegas is the foundation of internet gaming the live help is nice fast and always polite they actually sponsored a dragfest my family was holding at the historical famoso dragstrip in bakersfield slots of vegas made sure that each driver went home with some money slots of vegas payed out a total of $40,000 usd for the racers and in turn we painted sl;ots of vegas on one of the racecars as well as the sponsors billboards like i said slots of vegas made history by advertising in america and being the first online casino to soponsor a sports event in drag racing

    • vernicles Did not rate 02:11:20 AM - 2015-07-23

      LV Slots has become my favorite casino to play with.  Only last week, my partner cashed out two thousand dollars and continues winning everyday.  I enjoy the now and again free bonuses they give to their players.  I only wish for the casino to begin slot tournaments.  I enjoyed playing with LV and will continue for as long as I can. Maybe I'll win  a jackpot soon.

    • cgz0522 11:37:56 PM - 2015-07-23

      This is one of the best casinos i have played at the graphics are one of a kind and they are awesome best promotions and bonus codes and the payout is pretty good.. i would recommend this casino to anyone from USA to play at if they wanted to experience this casino its a great play for starters as well and couldnt ask for better customer service is great!  all the games are reasonable and pretty easy to play and win. their website has recently been updated and that is pretty neat as well. its an all new look on their casino and great one at that anyone that has no clue on the online gambling experience play at SLOTS.LV you will be very impressed with the customer satisfaction and they also have a welcome nodeposit bonus code that is also available on their website as well as they are about to open up a new loyalty program for the customers coming this 2015 so stay updated with their news and sign up for their bonuses its a great place to play at and you can do it from the comfort of your own home! have a great day and enjoy!!!!

    • rampri 10:25:27 AM - 2015-07-24

      This casino is alright. The games are very difficult to get any kind of win on and it seems like alot of the games even when you win it's less or barely the same amount as your original bet. Just use the bonus and get out, I would not risk putting in a deposit.

    • freesoul Did not rate 05:28:12 PM - 2015-07-25

      Players from UK are not accepted.

    • sanny66 02:58:47 PM - 2015-07-27

      I had no luck here the percentage of payout from there games were ridiculous I When I first played here they had different software which I like better than what they have now...  There playthru percentage is out of reach neirley impossible to meet...  Never won any amount not sure on withdrawals ... I wont play here again

    • cjade559 05:53:20 PM - 2015-07-29

      this casino wasn't my favorite. But it wasn't the worst. i had a little luck here. the games were decent. the overall look and experience was pleasant. however  i wont deposit here

    • QueenBitch Did not rate 06:32:05 PM - 2015-08-05

      i love this casino, so many games and so many deposit bonuses, live chat are very helpfu and friendly and cashing out is a breeze with lots of options

    • VenusDelToro 09:27:33 PM - 2015-08-06

      I always like that I don't have to install software so this is a great casino for that reason. Graphics are nice and games load quickly. NDB was easy to claim. My only issue is the site is kind of busy, especially when playing games. Of course I didn't put them on full screen so when I was playing a game there were all sorts of side bar promos going on which I found distracting. I sometimes had trouble figuring out my betting amount too as this was not always clear in the game features. One game I ended up betting far more that expected simply because I could not figure out how to lower the betting amount. Buttons and tabs were hidden and hard to find. Most of the games are great. Didn't win on NDB but enjoyed playing at this casino.

    • fuikie Did not rate 01:23:39 AM - 2015-08-09


      thanks for this link, nice game/casino..

      good site for al the free casino bonuses etc

    • mobancer Did not rate 10:43:40 PM - 2015-08-09

      They are pretty much the same site as bovada with the exception to how high you are allowed to wager on the slots games.  In terms of bonuses though slots wins hands down and they give you the cash out option to put it back on the card you paid with which is a huge plus

    • zkellygreen1 Did not rate 05:43:58 PM - 2015-08-18

      BEWARE!!! BEWARE!!! I just deposited money and had to play a big bonus playthrough which took forever but ended up winning 900.00 but when i tried to withdrawl it said to call this number , so when i called they said they didn't know why but it wont let me withdrawl and that i would have to wait 48 hrs for someone to call me back .. what a bunch of rippoffs so watch out...never received my money!!!!  this site should be BLACKLISTED...

    • xeraphyna 03:48:51 PM - 2015-08-21

      I love this casino. Everything from signing up, depositing and cashing out has been very easy. I have received my cash out sooner than I expected from them. When I have needed to talk to customer service, I have found them to be most helpful and able to answer my questions promptly. The game choices are excellent, couldnt be happier with them. This is one casino that I have and will continue to recommend for those looking for some great play without hassle. 

    • zkellygreen1 Did not rate 04:52:30 PM - 2015-08-21

      Yeah sure you did.... How much did they pay you too say that or do you work for them??


    • girlinpl 11:19:50 PM - 2015-08-24

      I really like this casino. It has a good variety of software being used. The big free chip list gives out good bonuses for this casino as well.

    • Solomon Naman Did not rate 11:38:14 PM - 2015-08-24

      When done wasting your money here, ask to have a copy of your game play emailed to you. I do this every time I played and what I noticed was that they had a spin loss ratio of 90% and higher consistently. Meaning 90 games out of 100 either won no money or less then the wager. Furthermore I find that the RNG they claim they have no control over and should be completely random isn't. What I found is EVERY TIME I would get lucky on a spin or two that won a high dollar amount ( cause its very seldom you win a lot of games in a row to to this) I would increase my bet and the very next spin and all others thereafter would be losers or win very little money at all. The rhythm of the game completely changes so much you can notice it without trying. Now understand this, Im not a sore loser, cause Ive actually cashed a few times getting very lucky on a couple bonuses. But make no mistake depositing here unless you don't like money cause Im pretty sure they aren't operating honestly. NUMBERS DONT LIE. BUT THEY DO, When I asked them on sever occasions t explain how this could happen every time I played with a RNG supposedly spinning out random combinations yet my game logs consistently show patterns in outcome after raising bets. They couldn't give me a credible answer instead said if I don't like the casino don't play here.   CROOKS

    • Luckyc5 04:55:25 PM - 2015-08-27

      I have deposited into this casino several times, mostly losing my money.  I like the games, graphics, and ease of deposit.  I recently won enough money to make a withdraw.  When I requested the withdraw, I almost cried when I saw the $75.00 fee to get my $120.00 back out.  I deposited $50.00 and requested $120.00.  After deducting my initial deposit, and paying the $75.00 withdraw fee, I would have netted -$5.00.  Not a very good deal.  I will not be playing at this casino ever again.

    • kenmax72 Did not rate 02:13:34 AM - 2015-08-28

      I just tried this casino for the first time and I enjoyed it.  It has tons of variety such as Blackjack and all the table games lots of video poker and tons of slots.  No problems with deposit or coupons quick load time and lots of fun. I'll be going back to this one.  I would definatly recommend this casino.

    • sanny66 06:07:24 AM - 2015-08-30

      Still havent seen any changes here

    • jocko Did not rate 02:04:25 PM - 2015-08-30

      Nice graphics for the games but it seems to run a bit sluggish on mobile site. I do like the multi or the thought of using two gaming software at one site. I'm already a fan of real time gaming casinos and for this casino to use betsoft too gives players more variety which to this point has become my favorite casino. Thumbs up for this casino. Good luck all
    • Sara2013 Did not rate 04:51:06 PM - 2015-08-30

      I prefer the software like this casino has on it s website but with that being said it does seem harder to recieve anything free bonus wise.  This is one of the few that actually gives more than just the sign up bonus offers that bovada and Vegas Crest casino gives out.  But it does seem hard to walk away with anything.

    • smartyartyo Did not rate 02:28:15 AM - 2015-08-31

      great casino lots of fun too.

    • ecralls 04:11:56 PM - 2015-08-31

      I LOVE THIS CASINO AND ANY THAT HAVE THE GAMES THIS ONE CARRIES.  I think everyone has their good and bad days when it comes to gambling - that's why its gambling, right!???  so all you sore losers cut these casinos some slack - we choose to get on them!!!!

    • randalldakins 10:27:12 PM - 2015-09-11

      I don't know why you said that I couldn't rate this casino? I've played it multiple times and I've never even came close to winning on any of the games, its sad because some of the games are enjoyable but you never can win.
    • Gedion070 Did not rate 06:35:42 PM - 2015-09-14

      are thee commments really real?? i mean it looks to great

    • idldtca245fy Did not rate 08:50:14 AM - 2015-09-20

      i just came back to after a long time and i'm really enjoying their updated website. it's a lot easier to navigate through the site and that was something i had an issue with before. their promotions and bonuses are still just as great as they were a year ago which was great to come back to. i managed to get a lot out of them but i know many who encountered problems because they unfortunately didn't read the terms and conditions. i quite enjoy this casino and am happy i decided to come back.

    • angelineb2000 Did not rate 06:26:07 PM - 2015-09-20

      This casino is pretty cool! They just added 140 new games from the Rival software.  So now there is even more fun games you can actually win with!

    • scarface001 Did not rate 12:50:06 PM - 2015-09-22

      este casino passa longe de sser um bom casino porque e muito ruim esta muito abaixo do padrao que um jogador busca sem comentarios para esse tipo de casino  ñ recomendo se quer que alguem acesse esse casino pois e o pior dos piores

    • Sdjeej Did not rate 01:52:51 PM - 2015-09-22

      Very nice setup. A lot of different types of slots. But beware you will lose money they so not let you win hardly at all. Lost 1000 with no substantial wins at all.

    • eezya Did not rate 05:11:10 PM - 2015-09-22

      I lost quite a bit of money with this casino... I was fun while it lasted but after depositing $120 and without seeing even just a little bit of a win..or the thrill of riding the "roller-coaster", I was stuck chasing my tail...

      So yeah... don't know about this one.. Just try the NO DEPOSIT BONUS FIRST I GUESS :)

    • ryaneffects Did not rate 10:46:01 AM - 2015-10-05

      This casino was well made and the staff was friendly, however out of the bonus I received I only won once for more than $5 on $1 spins.  Perhaps bad luck, perhaps not.

    • Nerissa R Did not rate 01:19:57 PM - 2015-10-08

      Love the games I play at this casino almost everyday won only once.I'll keep playing I'm sure it will give a good payout I hope

    • Meyerz07 Did not rate 01:25:33 AM - 2015-10-11

      Yea this casino is a solid one, takes a while for the cachet to happen took about 3-4 weeks for me to just get about 150$ i wish it was faster because if it was a faster cachet i definitly would stay on a lot more they should use paypal to go a lot faster so you could get it in about 3-5 days, other than that theres a lot of fun games and i feel like its not rigged to where you can't win any money.

    • smartyoyo Did not rate 06:01:32 AM - 2015-10-15 is a top notch, first rate casino. The games are a lot of fun to plat and the customer service is excellent. Highly recommended for any enthusiast. You will not regret the experience at all.

    • noella Did not rate 10:09:06 PM - 2015-10-20 is a good casino. Good games and good for mobile players.
    • zelmil83 Did not rate 01:31:06 PM - 2015-10-25

      After i deposit, finish WR on bonus and request cashout, they tell me my country is excluded from playing on this casino. Worst experience ever, and worst casino in my life

    • nmeittunen Did not rate 02:59:57 PM - 2015-10-26

      pretty fair site. fun games. good bonus system. play through is high but what casinos isn't these days
    • cedplayer 05:32:12 PM - 2015-10-28

      i just won 280$ and simple to withdraw great casino i love it

    • coolsongsscasino Did not rate 07:28:26 AM - 2015-10-29

      This casino provides RTG and other softwares, which is not usual regarding RTG. The Welcome bonus is very good with 200% up to $1000 and 100% up to $1000, wagering requirement 35 x (Deposit Bonus). This casino holds good credibility regarding payment. Unfortunately, I can't sign in this casino due to the jurisdiction.

    • juana5469 Did not rate 05:59:03 AM - 2015-10-30

      its ok playthrough is always high and never can actually play

    • ryaneffects Did not rate 04:25:55 AM - 2015-11-05

      I loved this casino. It had a wonderful variety of games and the payouts were fair and punctual.

      Do not hesitate to spend your hard earned money here, you're in for a good time.

    • talisca Did not rate 05:08:08 PM - 2015-11-06

      Hello malta this is good in terms of casino games for no deposit bet and earn good pay day at Reel money in your bank account .. with this casino,, you can play a lot of different games, and you can find very good Web site and the best games .. it is a great hobby to do as you get bored, and maybe a nice Winn paydayy money,,

    • talisca Did not rate 05:15:00 AM - 2015-11-08

      I spent hours there, but did not understand all interfaces. It's kind of complicated. But blue colors attract me. Sometimes I watched out the window during charging. So I went for lunch and played for the dessert. In fact, I even play there, but still like it. You will not have enough if you win once. You want to win a second time. Whatever is the cost. I would rate it again if I had the bankroll to spend it. THANK YOU

    • Afleenor Did not rate 12:59:20 PM - 2015-11-08

      I visited this site as a newly registered user, and received a very generous bonus.  I did not have very good luck playing their big selection of games, but enjoyed the time I was able to spend playing on the site.  no withdraw requested so not sure how easy that is or not. 

    • IrieGamble 05:15:56 AM - 2015-11-13

      For sure LeGiT site to play at.....made a few deposits with no luck but all in all without a doubt legit site,,looks to me like same owners of BOVADA casino and poker sites which are my favorite...if your looking for a solid legit company to take ur chances on then your in the right place.....good luck all

    • oscarecinos Did not rate 10:20:08 PM - 2015-11-15

      Love the games I play at this casino almost everyday won only once.I'll keep playing I'm sure it will give a good payout I hope

    • randalldakins 11:16:18 PM - 2015-11-18

      I used to play a lot at slots over but the games never pay off and the bonuses suck.they do have a couple games that only they own.thing is those games aren't that good neither.

    • kevin 05:51:12 AM - 2015-11-20

      seems good so far. i haven't tried to cash out yet

    • danbryson 12:30:57 AM - 2015-11-23

      There is no other way to simply put it. is probably the best online casino i've tried yet. The graphics are really good, has a great pay-out system thats both easy and fast, and the wagering is very fair. Overall, a must try. You will not regret it!

    • Tracie Did not rate 12:50:36 PM - 2015-11-23

      I hate this casino!!! I've deposited here more than 10 times because I love their games but not even one time did I get to play longer than a few minutes. I have lost at every single game, every single time. I am talking about a thousand bucks and nothing. Their bonus' aren't really that great either. I'd beware of this casino if you like playing slots and longer than 3 minutes. 

    • Gloriabe 07:10:23 PM - 2015-11-24

      I haven't made a deposit here, I do like RTG games, but the Betsoft games are not my thing at this time, maybe another time. Nice looking Casino, wagering higher then normal, and so I have not made a deposit. I do have a few RTG I play at qnd have won, Betsoft, there is a game called Sugar Pop which I really liked but have not been that interested in it, enough to deposit. Maybe another time though I will deposit. :)

    • Gerard.garcia Did not rate 06:16:59 PM - 2015-11-29

      Whether you choose to make your deposit in UK pounds, Euros or US or Canadian dollars there is a nice welcoming bonus for the first insert of cash. The welcome bonus is 100% up to $200 and nicely raises the bank roll to enable some more gaming. The casino offers several slot tournaments with attractive prizes and there are weekly cash prizes for players that are doing well. Choice of deposit method can also bring in extra cash to play with. To deposit or withdraw the most common m

    • all00sweet 06:45:37 PM - 2015-12-03

      ive had a fair time at this casino and I like the slot machines

    • randalldakins 05:40:34 PM - 2015-12-05

      i reallly enoy not playing at this boting dumb .did i say how dumb anyone is that wastes their hard earned money on a srtupid retarted online fake casino deserve to donate their money to some fictional entity is beyond my understanding.i do not recomewnd this casino to anyone anywhere.

    • treaster 10:30:59 PM - 2015-12-07

      I like it here it actually let me play for long time but I hate that it always the same games

    • talisca Did not rate 12:05:02 PM - 2015-12-09

      I tried them out while they were offering a bonus spin welcome that could be redeemed over several days. two weeks ago I made my first deposit. they offer a wide variety of games. When I had contact with their support that they were friendly and helpful. I unfortunately had no luck, so I stuck out and was not able to test your withdrawal process. Maybe deposit again.

    • Ballzate 10:27:24 AM - 2015-12-19

      My favorite casino that I play.!!!!!!

    • trentbark7 06:14:11 PM - 2015-12-19

      i enjoyed most of the casinos open for US citizens though have all the same gmes

    • BeeHamster 09:54:32 AM - 2015-12-23

      Overall Ratings for SLOTS.LV__**5**stars__ (Fairness=4 · Bonus=5 · Variety=6 · Support=5). Just the average casino here. Nothing different that you cant find in today's online casinos. The games payout was a bit tight when I was playing. They're not too big on promotions either. You will find them to offer a decent bonus here and there. Support service is like you get everywhere else, bad. I don't see anything that would keep anyone from playing here. So good luck all
    • lson40 Did not rate 09:00:37 PM - 2015-12-29

      i love this casino.I've deposited here more than 10 times because I love their games but not even one time did I win big.. but yet i had fun and thats all that matters right?? yeah right.. but all and all this casino is my top two casino that  i wouldnt mind losing my money to

    • talisca Did not rate 06:30:25 AM - 2016-01-04

      I was one of the last players to sign up here I feel that since stopped taking on new players within a day signing up. I'm pretty new here, but I find it def sketch they are not taking in more players. I read mixed reviews online and most people love the variety of games, but more negative reviews are from people who are now inactive because they play elsewhere. So far so good for me, but I'll keep updated on what really this casino offers and because there are so many dormant accounts

    • lunchy19 02:07:11 PM - 2016-01-04

      This casino is so far one out of 3 casino online that I actually put money into , although I have yet to make a withdrawal of winnings ,I'm comfortable with my money deposits , it has a great variety of games and bonuses to choose from ! And the new online look for there psdge is fantastic and I will be enjoying my membership here for as long as I can , I recomend this casino to everyone
    • talisca Did not rate 02:15:53 PM - 2016-01-04

      The first online casino that I deposited a few years ago & nbsp;. I trust this more with my money & nbsp;. The games and the graphics are excellent. & Nbsp; mobile game is big & nbsp;. Not only do they have a casino, but also a poker room and sports betting which is impressive & nbsp;. Never had any problems depositing or withdrawing & nbsp;. Fact that the bonus more free chips, but it's ok with me & nbsp;. I would recommend this casino about any other casino if someone was looking to deposit for your first vez.Não have a negative thing to say about this casino and trust him 

    • Romitll415 Did not rate 09:25:34 AM - 2016-01-05

      This is the Best casino to me. They have it all.

    • bublegigi Did not rate 08:51:27 PM - 2016-01-06

      I love the swinging sweetheart game on this site, I have played here several times though, and I never win anything.  They aren't very giving with the bonuses either. I have played other casinos and they give no deposit bonuses all the time but not   I called customer service and complained and they even acted like they didn;t care. i HAVE STOPPED PLAYING THERE.

    • msriver9 04:24:19 AM - 2016-01-07

      this casino is pretty fun

      awesome !!!!!!

    • jackpotchaser 12:43:46 AM - 2016-01-08

      I Like the fact that this casino has a lot of games on two different software,I didn't like that they take only visa.But if I had more credit cards at my disposal this would be a frequent casino for me to visit,good graphics and fair play when it comes to slots 

    • Ballzate 02:32:14 AM - 2016-01-08

      This my favorite casino on the web. The variety ofgames are unmatched. They have very prompt and friendly service. I think everybody should try this one! Cheers!

    • talisca Did not rate 02:47:13 AM - 2016-01-08

      in this casino a whole lot. never have a problem when trying to make deposits. They always have great game deposit codes. They even send email via free game bonus codes. Very friendly talking to people in this case a whole lot. & nbsp; never have a problem when trying to deposit & nbsp ;. They always have great game deposit codes & nbsp; They even send e-mail through free play bonus codes & nbsp ;. Very friendly talk to people call live customer, if you have to & nbsp ;. I would recommend this casino to anyone trying to find a good legitimate casino to play. This my favorite casino on the web. & nbsp; the ofgames are unmatched. & nbsp; they have very fast and friendly service. & nbsp; I think everyone should try to
    • Mylovie224 02:41:52 AM - 2016-01-11

      I enjoy this casino - but lately the games keep freezing and customer service is of little help :-/
    • Codered74 01:25:13 PM - 2016-01-11

      Same graphics and games as all the rest. WISH THEY WOULD KINDA MIX IT UP MORE AND HAVE ONLY SPECIAL GAMES AT CERTAIN SITES. It would certainly help the casinos retain customers and also help them stand out from the rest. if they were all just a little different in there own unique way 

    • graeme74 Did not rate 05:36:49 AM - 2016-01-23

      Another casino I cant play at, but had to write something, there are some mixed reviews here, but who on earth would accept the wagering requirements and withdraw times, must be bonkers.

      Also it seems they don't accept e-wallets which is strange, that would question the trust - (in my opinion of course

    • BeeHamster 03:12:36 AM - 2016-01-25

      I'm a little bit sketchy about this one. I signed up with this casino a few months ago and since they have made a few upgrades to their website and added new features and games to their mobile site. The reason that makes me feel sketchy is because of the new things added.To me, this is a form of expense so therefore money has been put into adding new things which the casino will now be making it back from people who use the casino. So this casino I'd wait till they make back what it cost them to upgrade/expand until I start playing here again or if not already, sign up at a later time.
    • adriesen 01:49:11 AM - 2016-02-02

      in my opinon if u live in usa this and its sister company bovada are the only sites i trust.used other sites and though the other sites had better bonuses if u win good luck  getting paid by those other sites.slots lv paid me my 700 i won and it was deposited right on my debit card. a got a good bonus with slots of vegas and they they havent paid me and looks like they arent going to.slots of vegas bad slots lv and bovada good.

    • rock666star 03:00:26 AM - 2016-02-02

      I love Slots L.V.!!!!!! This is one of my most favorite casinos .           The game selection is phenominal,the integration of the different casino softwares is smooth and seamless. Two thumbs up and 10 gold stars for Slots L.V.!!!!!

    • Vanoushkwa Did not rate 09:03:53 PM - 2016-02-06

      ​Probably the best casino from the rival gaming platform and i am not the biggest fan of rival gaming and the only reason i decided to join this casino site is because of the massive no deposit bonus they had to offer to us when joining for the first time. Their downloading software is to quick and the interface is very fast and i like it and
      it is miles better than the instant play one. I had lost my no deposit within no time because i play very stupidly with the free money i get because i do not like the race for wager.this casino does not have a lot of names and big names according to what other casinos have to offer.

    • tejok Did not rate 06:40:53 AM - 2016-02-17

      can ask for his freechip boss
    • d_nieder 10:23:31 PM - 2016-02-17

      fantastic, just a step above most of the rest.

    • Kakanpupu Did not rate 01:54:51 PM - 2016-03-03

      I do enjoy the casino it's just that it feels like you have to deposit a huge amount in order to come up. Depositing just 25 or so doesn't seem like it could hold enough play through. Win ratio is good but not the best. I think graphics are awesome though and a lot different than other rtg casinos. Haven't won enough to withdraw at this casino
    • fregaladojr 11:10:50 AM - 2016-03-10

      this casino is all the way fair honest and always got with there customers

    • JOHN HIPSCHEN Did not rate 10:48:48 PM - 2016-03-18

      it seems to be one of the better ones out there ,but i wish there bonuses were a little better.

    • Eric Did not rate 03:50:00 AM - 2016-03-22

      Hey Nachoocann....You don't even need to log in to try their games. I play and deposit there, but just go to the site and you can play any game for free to try it. Great selection of games, in my opinion
    • adriesen 03:50:54 AM - 2016-03-22

      i just used the $14 no deposit bonus with 100 times wagering and i beat it and won.this is not the first time ive done well and the first time i won i got paid .i really like the games and casino

    • danyell1968 Did not rate 02:59:40 AM - 2016-03-23

      I had a really hard time even getting ahold of the customer service at this casino. I like the games and the site...but I'll be darned if I have any luck there. I've spent around 1000 dollars over time...just going there to see if anything would be better...and I win all the time at other places. but NEVER here. Reading the comments on here I'm wondering if I'm at the wrong site because all this talk about how helpful they were. I wish I had that kind of response. I ended up closing my account. and the sad thing is I miss the games and the way the site looks. So too bad for me I guess. Not happy

    • burch81 03:50:09 AM - 2016-03-23

      not very nice. withdraws are terrible

    • leking Did not rate 04:18:27 PM - 2016-03-24

      hi this casino was the first one i found. tried it out but was skeptical at first. i wasnt sure what to expect from an online casino. but i enjoy playing slot machines so i figured i would give it a shot. in one word IMPRESSIVE! the games are great, the mobile and software versions are fantastic and depositing was a snap. no review for withdraw yet. bonuses are ok, but there are much better ones out there. all in all i would say this is a pretty good casino

    • theflaguy 09:46:01 AM - 2016-03-28

      A very nice casino. I have yet to deposit - but it seems to be as much on the players side as any otherone of the casinos can be!!  Gonna gie it a try!

    • msriver9 03:25:22 AM - 2016-03-29

      I made a deposit got the bonus met playthrough , requirments , and requested a withdrawal ,  this one takes 72 hours to approve your request then I played a little more I think taking an extra long time to approve withdrawal in hopes of the person playing it all back I think they should offer more options like once you reqest payout that amount should be set aside with options to change the amount in case person decides they are having fun then changes the amount to withdraw without having to request a new payout and also if you put money in their account with a debit /credit card why in this crazy world couldn't they do the same to payout just put the money back on the card

    • Krjebo Did not rate 06:19:16 AM - 2016-04-02

      I got paid here but it took a week minimum, and I had to deposit 35$ so I could withdraw 140$ they paid me 115 because they deleted the bonus I got from them it was 25$. Had to send the documents like 4 times before they accepted it.

    • Vanilipas Did not rate 03:55:41 PM - 2016-04-05

      One of the most popular casinos on the net. I cant play here but wanna say my opinion. At first i cant understand how they can be a casino of the month but they had one that status once. Rival casino is casino of the month? Wow.... Even by players rating we can see that they are not very good. Promotions not bad but not exlusive at all. Wagering requirements are as usual at most of casinos. Most of the Rival games are boring and with bad graphics. SlotsLV site looks poor designed too. So even i had a right to play here i will not make my deposit.

    • KiddCesaro Did not rate 10:10:05 AM - 2016-04-06

      I had same issue as Krjebo. It took forever before they could accept my payout request and it was only $125. Seemed like a huge hassle. Took longer to get paid than it did to win the money. Software was a bit laggy on my phone as well. Not sure if I'll come back

    • Alexwrobleski 07:50:38 AM - 2016-04-11

      Thanks and this game is awsome. I'm gonna recommend this to all my friends 

    • dosuny777 08:04:09 PM - 2016-04-16

      payout not good games not that great

    • kimosabi0077 11:08:34 PM - 2016-04-20

      Sister casino to Bovada, Ignition and the new Caf

    • Smiley76 Did not rate 07:48:52 AM - 2016-04-21

      Stay away from this fees have surpassed my 2k in winnings and I've even been suspended from my job pending further investigation so obviously not gonna get a good review from me. Long story short....received an international check from and my bank had a 6-8 week hold on the check. I called to see if there was another option and they said for a $75 fee they would cancel the check and find another long as I sent an email requesting it. I sent the email and after 2 weeks I contacted them for an update. I was informed by a supervisor and a Security employee that I sent a blank addition I didn't send a confirmation email to cancel the check...therefore the check I have never was cancelled and it was valid. I asked how long it would take to receive my funds and they told me to send the email requesting it to be cancelled and then the confirmation email to cancel it....AND THEY WOULD SEND ME ANOTHER CHRCK???!! This made no sense to me....why would I pay $75 and add 3-4 weeks to receive another check I couldn't cash? Fortunately the employees assured me the check I had was and would be valid unless I sent the emails to cancel it. We all agreed it made no sense so I would just keep the check that was not cancelled and try to find a quicker method to cash/deposit it. About a week later I paid a hefty fee and was able to cash the check. About 6 days later sent an email stating the check was cancelled per my request!!!?? Wow just fn wow. This has f
    • russell Did not rate 02:48:24 AM - 2016-05-02


      I probably deposited over a 100 different times $8000 worth and not ONE cash out. the only time i did try and cash out it took 5 days just to review the withdraw then they said they needed copies of DL SS and the card front and back, also sign a form that gives them permission to do whatever they want with your card. very fishy... specially when it's soooo easy to deposit but impossible to withdraw. another thing is their RCG is bullshit too. you will win big at first just so they suck you in then you;ll be chasing that first win for the rest of the time. the customer service are the worse at resolving any issues. it's all design to keep you goin around circles every time. Please don't waste your time or money on this site. if you see a good review about this site then it's an employee of the casino writing it and don't believe it. 100% SCAM

    • pokercris 04:40:24 AM - 2016-05-09

      Hello Renmit69. In all the casinos or rooms of poker you can ask for the player's statistics. Your statistics she has to be guarded in the player's profile. In the rooms of poker it is in the habit of guarding and you can look at them when you want. It is not necessary that you put in contacts with them. I wait to be able to meet helped. A greeting and luck.

    • cookrock Did not rate 07:28:23 PM - 2016-06-05

      I think they are a good site...However, a sister site of theirs decided I was too lucky and that I would no longer be eligible for certain offers.

      Wow!!!   so slotsIV followed policy...

      Started over receiving a $10 chip, and cashing out $200.   Oh well...The casinos are still well ahead of me.   I assure you!!!

    • Exetna Did not rate 01:43:23 PM - 2016-06-07

      This casino is a TOTAL SHAM. Don't play at this casino and certainly don't believe any of their promo deals including the 'welcome bonus'. The first deposit bonus you claim will work and you will receive like 100 free spins on some game but try to claim any after that, even with a deposit and totally in accordance with all their little rules and terms and you won't get the bonus. Talk to online 'help' and you will be told 'Sorry you didn't enter the code when you made your deposit', yeah right that little part I overlooked somehow. Also they try to force you into using Neteller or some other ewallet facility that this casino is either owned by, affiliated with or receiving some other financial benefit from. I made my first deposit with a MCard like I do everywhere else no problem, I also got my bonus. But then my second deposit attempt the transaction wouldn't go through? I queried it with the online help and I was told my bank had not allowed it because its an international transaction with a credit card and that I should only use one of the ewallets. The problem I have with that load of &* is since when did my bank or any bank prevent me from buying things from overseas, I wasn't using a credit card it was a debit card and so that's void and my DEBIT card is free and instant whereas any one of the ewallets incur horrible surcharges when you make deposits, plus when you deposit your own money into the ewallet you don't get to actually see or use that money for up to 5 business days and then add in the rest of the associated fees and charges here and there and every $50 you put into it you get delayed in using your own money and you probably only see $30 come out the other end. Why do you think ewallets exist? To not make money? For your convenience? Hahahahahaha. Yeah right. Every single one of these ewallet things are owned by either MCard or the other one VCard anyway. Those two financial giants own it all and you should think of them and this casino particularly like best friends just working out new ways to rip you for your money every single day. Even the old UKash now PaySafe, who owns PaySafe? MCard does, look it up. Bottom line, DODGY AS SCAMMER CASINO DONT PLAY HERE!!!

    • ONLY247 Did not rate 02:57:22 PM - 2016-06-07

      This is a good place all around has almost everything out there all on their site. The only thing I don't like is they charge real high for a withdrawal they were asking around $75 for a withdrawal situation... If I was rich and wealthy that would be one thing to play around here would be the place, but I have to say they deserve to be put in their place like the minimum deposit bonus places if they expect that much for a withdrawal... I should be able to deposit $5 and play and win and then consider spending an extra $75 for a withdrawal..

    • Raven1929 Did not rate 03:11:00 AM - 2016-06-13

      I do like this casino very much. It offers a variety of different games to play at. I think that the casino is fair and doesn't just take your money. I would highly recommend this casino to friends that are looking for a new online place to play. They have good bonuses and customer service is great too. 

    • mdoc151 03:23:19 PM - 2016-06-20

      I have had no problems with this casino. Great variety of games that dont take forever to load. I have yet to withdraw from it so I can't speak on that, but so far very satisfied with the whole site. Customer service has been very responsive A

    • mdoc151 10:27:48 PM - 2016-07-24

      I have been playing Slotslv for months and its flawless. I have lost quite a bit, but the customer service is great as are the payouts. I recently did two withdrawals and had a check sent to me via fed ex within 5 days. Excellent withdrawal process. I would highly recommend this site for all casino lovers. The slots are what I play most and they have a wonderful selection of legit slots! Give them a try you will not regret it.

    • camille210 Did not rate 12:31:18 PM - 2016-07-29

      this place suck for making deposits, its been almost 24 hours and have not seen my bitcoin deposit post to my account yet, extreme let down.

    • mdoc151 09:39:05 PM - 2016-08-04

      Wow I am really surprised at all the negative reviews. I have been playing Slotslv for the past 5 months and have had zero issues. I did two withdrawals and had my check via fed ex withing 5 days. They have always answered any questions I have had with a friendly manner. The games are hands down the best out there with great graphics, sounds, and payouts. I will continue to play here as long as they keep the customer service up. The only downfall is the $75 fee for the withdrawal, I see people complaining about that, these are the same people that probably dump thousands into a casino, but yeah that fee is a bit steep.

    • dsmurf 02:32:46 AM - 2016-08-09

      love the slots, a lot of variety with different software, fun casino. Great bonuses and often!

    • pokercris 06:18:30 AM - 2016-08-16

      Mdoc151. I am sorry not to think like your. I have had problems with the technical support. They not to pay to me my earnings for which to identify with document that he accredits that I am I. I am tired that ask for the documents of identity me. I am not going to order my documents to any casino. I do not want that they supplant my identity. To have care. A greeting. 

    • jcrossley1 Did not rate 12:01:13 AM - 2016-08-30

      I'm unsure on this casinos deposit and withdrawl ease but i really like how this casino offers no deposit bonuses alot, i also love the selection of games they have! They just recently added over 140 new games!! theres no way you wont be able to find a game you love cause theres soooo many!

    • ryaneffects Did not rate 05:24:38 AM - 2016-09-20

      This casino has a very large selection of games that are quite fun.  They payout in a very timely fashion and never give me too many issues about withdrawing my money.  The extra features for your account on the website are also a nice touch and add more value to your deposits.

    • dmnitdava 11:35:14 PM - 2016-12-13

      i have been with for months now and almost made a withdrawl but then decied i liked playing so much that i played and never needed to or had enough funds to withdrawl after that lol anyways they offer free no deposit codes ever once in while and match bonuses as well so i look forwad to those and i qute regularlly make deposits with no complains the live chat is not live u have to send messge then they get ahold of you with 4 hours to reply so that kindof suck bout if u really need something u can totally reach them any time by phone so in all i would refer/ recommed this casino thank u and i wish u well in all you do :0

    • dmnitdava 11:37:34 PM - 2016-12-13

      i meant :) not :0

    • Dawn Did not rate 04:29:55 PM - 2017-03-18

      I love that they have so many no deposit bonuses, but I find the slots aren't as loose as they use to be. Harder and harder to win there
    • Dcha0s510 Did not rate 04:25:02 AM - 2017-04-22

      This was my first experience with online casinos and I have had several timely payouts with them. I enjoy the fact that they have several 3 wheel slots to choose from and they are different from the other casinos I play at. Pretty nice place to play.
    • Dcha0510 Did not rate 09:46:22 PM - 2017-04-28

      To anyone who is deciding on whether or not to play at and seem a little put off by the low rating, I was doubtful about this casino at first but I was pleasantly surprised when I used a no deposit bonus code and cleared the bonus and cashed out 75 dollars with bitcoin within a week.
    • Dawn Did not rate 03:00:26 AM - 2017-07-14

      Where is a new bonus Slots lv??? It's been several days since the other expired!! 

    • moodygrll Did not rate 11:53:00 AM - 2017-07-17

      I love the casino and when you win you get paid very quick just think they need more free chips its hard to get one that works but over all ill will always play here

    • thiscardnot4 Did not rate 01:41:07 AM - 2017-08-16

      i don't really like this casino deposited money and had to play a big bonus playthrough which took forever but ended up winning 900.00 but when i tried to withdrawl it said to call this number , so when i called they said they didn't know why but it wont let me withdrawl and that i would have to wait 48 hrs for someone to call me back .. what a bunch of rippoffs so watch out..just to let you all know and to be honest about them ok.

    • Sandy Radley Did not rate 06:57:29 PM - 2017-11-10

      The best online casino, the have the best bonuses as well as the payout fast.

    • mdoc151 04:40:06 PM - 2018-01-16

      Hands down the best casino there is online for US players. I have never had an issue with a withdrawal from the customer service is perfect. Fast and courteous and very responsive. After reading all these reviews about other casinos taking forever to process winnings or not even paying them out at all I don't understand why anybody would not use This is my one and only casino from now on!

    • thebayfiveoneo Did not rate 06:27:35 AM - 2018-03-17

      Payouts are long....much longer than stated on website. You will see the term "escalated" for several weeks before actually getting to the processors for payouts. Worst issue I have is once an undetermined amount of winnings have been withdrawn, treatment of player(s) are for the worse in the form of revoked bonuses and free spins. If this detrimental treatment had not have occurred, I would happily be patient for the long payouts and continue to deposit and play. This soured the review, which would otherwise be 6-7 stars.
    • Dawn Did not rate 05:30:04 AM - 2018-03-18

      I agree with the person that said when you request a payout, that money should immediately be put to the side. I also agree they take 72 hours or longer to payout hoping you will end up playing your earnings back. No thank you, I'll go ahead and wait for my $1200 payout! Other than that games are awesome, don't expect to win everytime but when I do win I don't understand why they can't pay you within 24 hours, I mean it only takes them seconds to take your money.

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