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Best Online Casinos - Rated by Community

Welcome to Best Online Casinos list!
Here you can find the Top 100 Online Casinos that got the highest ranking by our Community, which consists of 97,220 real casino players so far. offers the most Authentic and Trustworthy ranking system to determine online casinos quality. We’ve gathered 29,591 Player Reviews and 318,782 votes to give you the Top Rated and Best Casino Gambling sites on the internet!

We calculate the total casino score according to 5 main ranking factors, which players have to rank separately:

  • Casino Fairness
  • Withdrawal Credibility
  • Promotions and Bonuses
  • Games Variety and Graphics
  • Support Professionality

Go ahead and find the Best Casino Websites on the list below. Use the filter to view the Best Online Casinos for United States, Casinos that are compatible with mobile devices, Recommended and Popular Casinos or even casinos that offer a Free Bonus as part of their welcome sign up bonus.

Once you’ve found the best online casino for you, click on the casino review title to learn more about the casino and to read other players reviews. Good luck :)

QUICK FACT: The Best Online Casino site as of today - February 23, 2019.
Currently, KTO Casino is ranked #1 out of 1,669 casinos, with an amazing score of 94 points, based on 5 Player Votes and 0 Player Reviews.

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More About Best Online Casinos Unique & Authentic Ranking Platform

Our approach at is simple: Online casinos should be rated ONLY by real casino players and not by web portals with commercial interests. Therefore, we’ve created a unique rating platform to allow our registered community of 44,074 players and the millions of visitors on to rate each casino easily based on their own personal experience.

5 Key Ranking Factors of Online Casino Quality
These are the 5 ranking factors which we’ve found during the years to be the most important for online casino players:

  • Casino Fairness: Ranking of casino payouts, terms & conditions etc.
  • Withdrawal Credibility: Ranking of casino withdrawal waiting time, limits, payment methods variety etc. 
  • Promotions and Bonuses: Ranking of casino bonuses & promotions by variety, amount, conditions, playthrough, cash out limits etc.
  • Games Variety and Graphics: Ranking of games diversity, technology, platform, user experience etc. 
  • Support Professionality: Ranking of the support team’s knowledge, ability to solve problems, waiting time, number of communication channels etc. 

Over the years, we’ve collected millions of votes for each ranking factor, we’ve combined that information and we are proud to present the results on the list above, which displays the Highest ranked and Best online casinos.

Trusted Voting Process
To prevent an unauthentic casino’s score we’ve developed a sophisticated system to detect fake votes and reviews. Each vote or player review is being checked both by our automatic system and manually by professional Quality Control Team.

Casinos and users who try to manipulate’s rating system put themselves at risk and can be blocked or removed from our site permanently.

Scroll down to our FAQ section to learn more about how we make sure that player’s votes are legit.

Blacklisted Casinos
We have strict rules when it comes to casinos that violate our terms and treat players and affiliates unfairly or disrespectfully. In case an online casino acts in this way, it will be labeled as “Blacklisted” by, this will result in being manually removed from the Best Online Casinos list, even if over the years that specific casino has received high ratings by our community.

All the conditions above are meant to make sure we provide the most authentic and trusted list of the best online casinos in the world.

Best Online Casinos FAQ

  • How do I select the best online casino for my needs?
    There are hundreds of gambling websites on the internet, but don’t worry, with our filter tool you can find the top online casinos for your needs. All you have to do is browse through the best casinos list above and use the filter tool to find casinos which accept players from your country, compatible with your mobile device or even finding casinos that offer a free sign up bonus. Then, use the “Sort by” drop-down to view the highest rated or newest casinos. This will minimize the options and help you find the best online casino for you :)
  • Where is the security factor being taken into account?
    Many online casino players usually look for a safe online casino. That’s why our ranking factors include “Casino Fairness” and  “Withdrawal Credibility”. So, if a casino ranks at a top slot among all, it is probably a secure casino and trustworthy place to play at.
  • How can I view the top 10 online casinos at
    The Best Online Casinos list we present is listing the casinos according to their score, from the highest rated to the lowest rated, so by default, when viewing the 10 casinos that are on the highest position of the list, you’re basically viewing the top 10 online casinos at

    If you wish to view the top 10 online casinos for United States or top 10 mobile casinos, simply use the filter to minimize the results according to your preferences.
  • How do I rate an online casino?
    You can easily rate an online casino by 5 key ranking factors mentioned above. Just click on the casino name and there you will find these ranking factors and a scale of stars from 1 to 10 for each of them. Every vote counts and contributes to our ranking of the best online casinos.
  • How do we make sure that player votes are legit?
    Our goal is to provide the most authentic and accurate list of top rated online casinos. Therefore, we’ve created a few conditions to limit users from abusing our system and the voting process. Some of the conditions are:
    • Users can only rate casinos which accepts their country.
    • A user can rate a specific casino only once.
    • A user can rate a limited amount of casinos every few minutes.

These are just some of the conditions. There are more conditions for the voting process and we work around the clock to keep on improving our quality control system to make sure each player’s vote is legit.

Users who violet these conditions put themselves at risk of being permanently banned from site.

  • How can I read player reviews?
    We are proud to have 29,270 player reviews (so far) for online casino sites.
    To read through these reviews simply click on the “Player Reviews” links under each Casino Ranking or go to a casino review page and scroll down.
  • How do I write a review about a specific casino?
    You’re more than welcome to tell us about your casino experience and, by doing so, show other players the pros and cons of a specific casino gambling site. To do so, simply go to a casino review page and scroll down or click on the “Write a Review” button.
  • What does “Casino Ranking” means?
    At the moment has 1,093 casinos listed on its site. The “Casino Ranking” shows the position of this specific casino among all the online casinos that are listed on our site. For example, if a specific casino ranking is #10, This means it ranks 10 out of 1,093 online casinos, which puts that casino on a great group of our top 10 online casinos :)